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Alyssa Ashley

The Alyssa Ashley brand name was born in the U.S.A during the fabulous sixties, created out of the fantasy of a contemporary artist, who besides expressing his talent in painting (he is considered a master of contemporary art) devoted much time and energy to his passion for perfumes. The bottles and packaging he designed can in themselves be considered as an expression of modern art.ALYSSA was the name of his youngest daughter and Ashley her nickname because of her perfectly blond hair, and so ALYSSA ASHLEY was born. A new division of the Perfume Company was opened, with a brief to develop innovative and technically advanced perfumes very different from the ones in fashion at that time, and aimed specifically at the young.The inspiration of the Alyssa Ashley brand has led the fashion of fragrances for over thirty years and gets stronger every day, constantly developing trendy new products which are blended from only the finest ingredients.

  • 3.4 ounce Edt Spray.

    Alyssa Ashley

    White Musk Perfume by Alyssa Ashley

    Launched in 2000 White Musk Perfume by Alyssa Ashley is infused with top notes of Tarragon with fruity notes of bergamot which exudes a modern, sensual appeal. At the heart of the fragrance is a very delicate blend of refined jasmine,...

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