How Well Do You Know Chanel?

How Well Do You Know Chanel?

How Well Do You Know Chanel? Interesting facts about the famous design house.

Since 1910 the Chanel brand has been producing top of the line clothing including Haute couture,Ready-to-wear and Accessories as well as Perfumes and Jewelry. What began in 1909 as a humble millinery (hat making) at 160 Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris has become an Internationally known and respected brand worn by high fashion models,celebrities,president;s wives and ordinary people,that is if your wallet is deep enough. Attention to detail and classy cutting edge designs has made Chanel one of the most successful fashion brands ever with revenue exceeding $9.6 billion in 2017 but enough about these basic facts of Chanel,lets do some digging and reveal some things you might not know.

Shop at Chanel Long Enough And You Get Your Own Mannequin. 

Sounds odd but it's true that is if you become a regular customer at Chanel's Haute Couture salon at 31 rue Cambon. If you do then you'll get your very own mannequin complete with your measurements and ready to go for your next fitting.

Coco Chanel Had Very Little To Do With Chanel No. 5. 

Launched in 1921 and one of the best selling perfumes of all time Chanel No. 5 has become a symbol of femininity and eloquence using oils derived from the Jasmine and Rose flower fields of Grasse,France for its main ingredients. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's involvement in the making of No. 5 only included her licensing her name out to a perfumer who then presented her with five perfume samples he had created,she chose the fifth one because it was her favorite number.

From Paris to New York....With Style. 

On December 18th,1969 the musical Coco (Inspired by the life of Coco Chanel) opened on Broadway. It was directed by Michael Benthall and choreographed by Michael Bennett and starred Katherine Hepburn as Coco Chanel. The set was a complicated structure that used a collection of mirrors, platforms, runways and flashing lights in the final scene that often malfunctioned and the cast found difficult to maneuver at times.Hepburn insisted that the theaters thermostat be set at 60 degrees and the exterior doors be left open which led to several of the cast becoming ill during the rehearsals which took place in September during a colder than normal autumn. The play was an instant hit and received seven Tony nominations. It won two for Best Featured Actor RenĂ© Auberjonois and Best Costume Design (of course) by Cecil Beaton and David Holliday.

Older Is Better. 

In 1918 Gabrielle established her brand at 31 rue Cambon in Paris. Today The House of Chanel is the oldest Haute Couture in operation today and its Ateliers are still on the upper floors. 

Puttin On The Ritz. 

Gabrielle lived at the Hotel Ritz in Paris from approximately 1941 up until her death on January 10th,1971. The suite is maintained by the hotel and is available for occupancy. It still has many of her decorations and personal items in place,but beware! If you expect to stay in this legendary fashion designers former residence expect to pay roughly $28,556,00 a night,so start saving!

Gabrielle Chanel led a long and interesting life. She didn't come from a wealthy family her mother was a laundry woman at a local hospital and died when Gabrielle was 12. Her father was basically a street vendor/traveling salesman and was unable to effectively provide for the family after her death so he sent Gabrielle and her two sisters to a convent in Correze (which also ran an orphanage) in central France. It was at the orphanage where Gabrielle learned how to sew which served her quite well later on in her quest to open a Haute Couture in Paris. She was somewhat of wildcard always ready to voice her opinion,no matter what the outcome might be and never backing down when she knew she was right. She still is a perfect example of what hard work,determination and a few lucky breaks along the way can do for a person

Do you have any interesting facts or trivia about Chanel? If you do then I'd love to hear them! So feel free to leave a comment.

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