These Perfume's Price Tags Will Blow You Away.

These Perfume's Price Tags Will Blow You Away.

These fragrances price tags are some of the most expensive around.

Chanel No. 5 Parfum Grand Extrait 7.5 ounce $2,150.

This is the perfume that started it all for Chanel in 1921. It gets its name from the fifth perfume sample that perfumer Ernest Beaux presented to Coco Chanel in 1920 from a group of several he had created for her new perfume,5 was also Coco's favorite number. The Grand Extrait edition comes in a bottle made from the finest crystal and is cut like a monumental diamond and sealed by the art of Baudruchage and is nestled in a white satin-lined, artisan-crafted case that protects and encloses the legendary scent.

Carried out by hand, Baudruchage consists of covering the neck of the bottle with a fine membrane, which is held in place by a strand of white pearl-cotton thread, then sealed with a black wax stamp. Chanel No. 5 Grand Extrait is definitely a collectors item.

Joy by Jean Patou $600-$700 an ounce.

This perfume was designed in 1929 and launched at the start of the Great Depression in 1930. It was created by perfumer Henri Almeras and touted at the time as the world's most expensive perfume. During this period of fianacel uncertainty Joy helped the Jean Patou brand survive the Stock Market Crash. One of the reasons this perfume costs so much is its deep concentration of flowers which are required to produce it. These include 10,600 Jasmine flowers and 28 dozen May Roses which are used to make the heart of the fragrance. Other notes include Tuberose,Ylang-Ylang,Bulgarian Rose,Sandalwood and Musk

Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes $6,800 An Ounce.

This fragrance is not so much about the ingredients but more about what those ingredients are bottled in that make it expensive. Yes it does have some wonderful notes such as Myrrh,Frankincense,Musk,Sandalwood,Myrtle,Basil,Cardamon,Ylang-Ylang,Geranium,Jasmine and Amber but those ingredients are nestled in a little jewel(literally) of a bottle. The bottle is made by the legendary crystal company Baccarat and is capped with an Amethyst crystal and has a bubble of yellow crystal blown inside of it that wraps around the perfume. This fragrance was launched in 1998 and was part of three limited editions that Baccarat created...good luck on finding this one.

Clive Christian No 1 Imperial Majesty Perfume $12,721,00 An Ounce.

In 2006 Clive Christian decided to create a perfume for his very special customers. This fragrance contained notes of Musk,Clove,Vetiver,Bergamot,Sicilian Mandarin,Ylang-Ylang and Honeyed Neroli. He then asked the master crystal blowers at Baccarat to create a luxurious bottle to put it in and they didn't fail. This bottle is nest polished crystal with an 18kt gold collar capped with a brilliant cut 5-carrat white diamond. If you are looking to get this one you may be out of luck,only ten were made.

DKNY Golden Delicious Perfume 1 Million Dollars.

What! A million dollars for a bottle pf perfume? This perfume was launched in 2010 by Donna Karan and is truly a beautiful smelling fragrance. Some of the notes include Casablanca Lily,Teak Wood,Orange Flower Water,Vanilla Orchid,Mirabelle and White Rose,now for the bank breaker. Like some of the other perfumes I've written about in this post the bottle is the bank robber for this fragrance and it is absolutely stunning. The bottle was created by world famous jewelry designer Martin Katz  and is carved from polished 14kt white and yellow gold. It features 2,700 Round Brilliant White Diamonds weighing a total of 15.17 carats. 183 Gold Yellow Sapphires weighing 2.28 carats in a micro pave setting of 14kt gold making up the Manhattan skyline. It also has a 1.65 carat Turquoise Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil,a 7.18 carat Oval Cabochon Sapphire from Sri Lanka,15 Round Brilliant Vivid Pink Diamonds from Australia weighing 1.28 carats,4 round Rose Cut Diamonds weighing 0.32 carats,a 3.07 carat Oval Cut Ruby a 4.03 carat Pear Shape Rose Cut Diamond and 2.43 carat yellow Canary diamond in the cap. The entire process from start to finish took 1,500 hours and all proceeds were donated to the Action Against Hunger charity.

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